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Support Our Work

Here are some examples of how donations to the Verde Valley CASA Support Council have been used to help individual children living in foster care:

  • Tutoring for children falling behind in school.

  • Clothes and shoes for children of all ages.

  • Computers for teens taking online courses or going off to college.

  • Sports uniforms, equipment, team dues and summer day-camps.

  • After-school activities such as karate and gymnastics.


The Council also hosts an annual party for all children and their families, provides holiday food and back-to-school gift cards and supplies furniture and toys for the visiting rooms at the Department of Child Safety office so that parents and children have a comfortable and family-friendly place to visit. 

Donate Now

Join us in our mission of helping these children by making a tax-deductible donation to the Verde Valley CASA Support Council.  Because we are a qualified charitable organization eligible for the Arizona Tax Credit, you get a dollar-for-dollar credit for your donations on your Arizona State Tax obligation, up to $800 in each tax year for a married couple filing jointly or $400 for a single individual, head of household, or married person filing separately.  AND your donation to the CASA Support Council does not affect the tax credit that you can claim for donations to public or private schools.  You can do both!

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