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MATForce Lunch n' Learn


Recently, MATForce held a 'lunch n learn' about youth and drug use.

A panel of educators, youth workers, and counselors gave their opinion and statistics regarding what seems to be an overwhelming problem in our society. Stress is the number 2 reason cited by youth for using drugs and alcohol.

Each panel member stated their beliefs of what adds to new stress levels in youth today.

Reasons such as over use of social media and the instant feedback expected from 'friends' as well as the images portrayed by Hollywood and other public figures hinder their self image which adds to stress perceived.

Underneath all of these outside influences, we need to realize the role models in home life are the main influences on how the kiddos learn to deal with self image and stress.

CASAs are an important role model. We need to model healthy lifestyles of nutrition and stress management so that are kiddos can have examples of how to deal with pressure in ever day life.

We can also take our kiddos to places that have calming atmospheres. The CASA Support Council is here to help fund such programs and places to go.

Remember as you prepare your 2017 taxes, you can fund the work by designating your Arizona tax credit to the Verde Valley CASA Support Council.

To those of you who have donated in the past, we are grateful and assure you that the money goes directly to the needs of the child.

Thank you,


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