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Grant Award! Oasis Garden

It is with great delight to inform you that we have been awarded a grant through the Arizona Community Foundation to build an

‘Oasis Garden for Children at Risk!’

The mission of the CASA Support Council is to ensure that children in foster care have the same opportunities and experiences as other children in the community. Children in foster care are often treated as victims without hope. The proposed garden is intended to be an oasis, a place to thrive for children in foster care and other children in need of an 'Oasis'. As CASAs, we want the children to gain a sense of overcoming their circumstances by empowering them to care and see fruits from their decisions and work.

The planned location is the New k-8 School on Mingus (formerly the middle school -CMS). The plan is to have a sectioned off garden area with flowers and vegetables that children can plant, a reading area with a ‘Little Free Library’ under a pergola, and simple playground items such as a path of pavers that makes a hopscotch game, or logs that make a balancing beam.

Our hope is that CASAs, the placements, the parents, and the children will join in designing and constructing the garden. When parents and children work together on a project, it builds relationships and fond memories, as well as the confidence gained by enjoying one’s creations. We hope CASAs will find this an enjoyable relaxing place to take their CASA children to spend time with them.

Please encourage your families to consider participating in this wonderful opportunity to build relationships, health and self-confidence.

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