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Black Friday/Giving Tuesday

I'd like to share a story about a kid named Mari. Mari is 15 lives with her maternal aunt, Darla. Her mother has suffered (there fore Mari has suffered) with mental illness and drug addiction for years.

What would Mari like for Christmas? Mari recently told her CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate for children in the foster care system) all she wants is to do something nice for Darla. Mari and Darla have tried for years to help Mari's mother, but they reached a point where they both came to the conclusion that it was best just to break ties with Mari's mother (Darla's sister). It was a difficult choice.

Mari wants to give back to her Aunt Darla. But a 15 year old without a job and no other means of support can only look and wish for things on the Black Friday ads. Enter the Verde Valley CASA Support Council (VVCSC). VVCSC works to support kids like Mari. We have given bikes, computers, soccer registration, beds, and more to kids in the foster care system.

VVCSC can only do this with support. Giving Tuesday is this November 30. Consider a donation to help a kid like Mari give back.

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