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Learn stuff and have fun

Learn “stuff” and have fun

While many Arizona schools began weeks ago, September marks back to school time for most of the children in our country. School, often a place of solace for many a child growing up in an insecure environment. Teachers there are caring, good healthy food is present, social contacts are there, a child is introduced to a world outside their home environment.

The Verde Valley CASA Support Council (VVCSC) offers scholarships for students in the DCS program to those in need of computers, clothing, sports fees, and related school expenses.

Remember how special the first day was with your new outfit and new pencils? VVCSC works to bring back that special feeling to kids in need so they can learn “stuff” and have fun in an environment that promotes beneficial emotional, mental, and physical growth.

A personal story about learning stuff and having fun:

"Years ago we brought our son, then age 10, to a counselor. He had recently called a fellow student an A-hole on campus and they got into a shoving match. In discussions with his principal, we recognized this was part of his acting out at home and at school; his principal felt the behavior was likely minor. As a result we got help for our son; it worked. He used the “kid” tools learned when he got angry. Our child was able to put that angry energy into productive places.

It allowed him to realize there may be A-holes in life, but the counselor gave him tools to work with that. He went on to learn more “stuff” and have fun.

I remember the counselor saying to our son, “Kids have two jobs: Learn “stuff” and have fun.” I have used that line with all my CASA kids.” Many have remembered that line to this day. And they have learned stuff and had/have fun.

School provides both a place to learn stuff and have fun (often when learning “stuff”). Think of how you can make a child job (learning “stuff” and having fun) easier.

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